Vibrator or commonly called sex toy by many peoples are electric devices that can stimulate the nerves of the user for a relaxing and pleasurable feeling by vibrating against the body.

You can also have safe sex using a specially design vibrator such as dildo to spice up your love life.

There are no limits on how you can use your vibrator for example you can wear it under your clothes when going outside for a secret thrill on your own.

Vibrators has many size, shape, color and design so the choice is your and you can choose the one that matches with your life styles and tastes.

There are some new vibrator that are designed for the purpose of inserting into the body cavity for erotic stimulation.

There are many types of erotic vibrator and divided into several categories as follow.

powerful vibrator Powerful vibrator

This type is either powered by the main power supply or pack with more batteries than most other types of vibrators available on the market for extra sizzle and pleasurable feeling between the sheets. These powerful vibrators will produce orgasms like you have never experienced before.

Hitachi magic wand massager vibrator is one of the most powerful and popular sex toys which are also voted as America's favourite massager of the years.

dildo vibrator Dildo vibrator

This type has an approximate size and shape of normal penis. There are also huge realistic cock size available.

The body of dildo vibrator can be made for many types of materials such as plastic, silicone, rubber, vinyl, or latex.

rabbit vibrator Rabbit vibrator

This type has two pronged which can be use for stimulation of both the clitoris and the vagina at the same time.

waterproof vibrator Waterproof vibrator

This type can be used in wet places such as during shower etc. Eventhough it is marked as water-proof but it is better to use this electric devices to stimulate feeling in a dry place.

pocket rocket vibrator Pocket rocket vibrator

The body of this type has a cylinder shape-like and has some vibrating bulges connected at one of its side. Pocket rocket are designed for the purpose of clitoris or nipples stimulation. Do not use this type for vaginal insertion.

butterfly vibrator Butterfly vibrator

This type is has the shape of a butterfly and designed for the stimulation of clitoris and labia. The unit has straps that can be attach to it wearing on the waist and thighs.

Butterfly vibrator one of the most popular sex toy design because the shape of the butterfly itself can stimulate the entire area of female genitalia.

There are also many other designs and shapes that play the same functions such as dolphins, birds, folwers etc.

Butterfly vibrators sex toys can be made from many types of materials such as silicone, latex, jelly, plastic etc.

bullet vibrator Bullet vibrator

This type is sometimes called egg vibrator and it is among one of the great variety offered to your attention in the offline or online sex stores. The unit can be used for the purpose of insertion into the vagina or stimulation of the clitoris for both solo and partner sex.

Bullet vibrator is one of the great sex toy that can provide a great deal of sexual enjoyment to both men and women. You can use it to please you partner body or stimulate your most sesitive spots.

Bullet vibrator can be either wireless or have a wire depend on the model. The unit can be adjust at multi speed and deliver various vibrations pattern like surging, pulsating or escalation which can enhancing sexual pleasure experienced by the user.

g spot vibrator G-spot vibrator

This type has a curve shape and often coated with a soft jelly-like material. This curve are made and design to stimulate the g-spot of womens or prostate of mens.

anal vibrator Anal vibrator

This type are specially designed for sexual stimulation of anal area. The shape can be either a flared base or a long handle to grip which can prevent and protect them from slipping inside and becoming lodged or possible loss in the rectum.

The average size of anal vibrator is smaller than other types of vibrators and may vary from about 4 - 7 inches long and 1 inch wide. Anal vibrator is usually battery operated and designed for internal and external stimulation.

The batteries can be inside the unit itself or connected by a wire attach to a power pack. This type can produce various stimulating effects such as rotating, vibrating or pulsating. The unit also has the ability to adjust speed and vibration levels to give a pleasure feelings and various sensations.

undercover vibrator Undercover vibrator

This type are design to mimic the shape and color of the objects that are used in every-day life such as nail polish bottle, lipstick tubes, cell phones, or art pieces etc.

If you are a shy person and do not want other to know that you are using a vibrator then you should buy one of these mini size undercover type. Undercover vibrator has a small size and you can carry it along with you anywhere you go.